Sports develop the physical as well as mental strength in students. Daily physical exercise is essential for students because exercise not only helps students to stay healthy, but it also helps to improve their emotional fitness. We believe that sports should be a major part of the school curriculum because if students stay emotionally and physically healthy, they can easily focus on their studies. Students have to participate in school sports to increase confidence, mental alertness, and self-esteem. Sports are important in schools because it helps to teach various skills to students like leadership, patience, patience, team efforts, and social skills. An education system without having a scope to play and develop sporting skills can make or mar a child’s all-round performance. Sports activities are not just to make students` body healthy, but also to motivate their leadership and management skills. A student should not stay behind in academic performance but they should also get involved in their favorite sports activities to stay motivated and healthy. Sports keep the brain active and sharp during all the problems in life. It welcomes a better sense of understanding things and concepts in academics. Sportsteaches everyone to be in discipline and self-control. And discipline brings better management of time and other activities in our lives. Basically, sports lead to better mental growth. Involving in sports bring a feeling of togetherness and group efforts. Our school has a state-of-the-art sports complex wherein the students can access and play volleyball, football, basketball, cricket, skating among other indoor and outdoor sports and games.


Outdoor Sports

Our outdoor sports facilities include a Football ground, Volleyball court, Basketball court, Badminton court, Tennis court, 360-degree running track, Cricket pitch and cricket nets, skating rink, and a Swimming pool.

Indoor Sports

Our indoor sports facilities include a 10 m Air Pistol and Rifle Shooting Range, a mutipurpose hall for Table Tennis, Foosball, Chess, Carrom, Taekwando among others.