chairmans message

At Delhi World Public School, as academicians we always try to offer high quality education programs to students across wide spectrum of academic abilities. We also focus to provide a conducive environment to our curious learners to develop a strong sense of belonging, discipline, team work, resilience, motivation and above all moral values. We believe our efforts will enable our learners to maximize their potential to have a redefined personality and to become good citizens of the country. The school aims at providing an environment where mind, body, soul and spirit are nourished and nurtured by helping each child to blossom into a new beautiful flower. Latest and modernized education system with the best of infrastructure caters to the need of the present day students and thus the future citizens of the nation. Ethical values are also inculcated in the students so as to groom them to face the challenges of life.

Our endeavour has been to make this institution a centre of excellence for education and to inculcate the right values in students. Our aim is to instill in them, a synergy of human values and universal knowledge, to lead a challenging and fulfilling life with Indian values and global vision .

We may not be able to prepare the future of our children, but we can atleast prepare our children for the future.

Zakir Hussain

Under the aegis of Delhi World Foundation